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ContinuityMutant ContinuityMutant ContinuityMutant

poetry booklet published with S.I.G., 2018 - hardcopies available @ sig-verlag.net

Do I Then Persist as the Memory for What Hasn't

book of poems/ essays published with Bauer Verlag, 2024 - hardcopies available @ http://www.bauerverlag.eu

If with Insistence on the Tension Gravity as Intercessor a Future Interject

ContinuityMutant ContinuityMutant ContinuityMutant

Speech/ Music Intra-Interruption Constructs 1 thru 7

audio collaboration with Kayla Guthrie (described in chapter 2 
of the "7 Things" section of "If with Insistence on the Tension Gravity 
as Intercessor a Future Interject")

mix for Duu Radio, May 11, 2024

 [[the following text accompanied a mix that aired on Duu Radio, May 11th, 2024]]

 Author: Roger van Voorhees
 Title: Program-23: selected speech/music workings and reading @Tonus 189 Rue Ordener, 75018, Paris,
 France, May 11 2024


 There are a couple basic strains of sound workings that have come together over the past several
 years. In one strain, I’ve recorded and amplified the pen scratch noises made while composing
 drawings that, by and large push towards what I’d describe as a feel for writing, that stops short
 of development into a formation or communication of thoughts through written media. When cut
 together with sounds that would classify, according to convention, as music, there is an aim for
 generative interruption between them. What I could maybe call a Baroque Intra-Interruption. Another
 strain of the sound workings bases itself on a congruent principle, where speech and music are set
 upon one another, in such manner that, in some cases (as with the (((William Blake Ode))), they 
 mutate one another. Or in others, one might say infect one another – as exampled in this selection
 by the passages involving some William Gibson audio book recordings, played at high volume with a 
 music track, such that, with straightforward manipulations of the EQ, they together saturate and
 overwhelm the guitar amplifier I was playing them through. What I was after were moments where they
 begin to hesitate, wobble, toggle between and oscillate atop one another – overtaking, by turns,
 what maybe we could describe as the amplifier’s “attention.” If I were to storify this process in
 terms of an idea, it is as if sound were to be vaccinated against musical meaning, or language cured
 of itself with an inoculation of music. Or both be mutated into a communication that has begun to 
 spin its own narrative – above and beyond the human perspective engendered by the human music and 
 language inputs, from which there has been an attempt to recover from human fiction sound as an 
 independent agent.

 The audio is composed of selected speech/music workings, and from the recording of a poetry reading
 by Roger van Voorhees at Tonus in Paris on May 11, 2024 from the publication “If with Insistence on 
 the Tension Gravity as Intercessor a Future Interject” published by Bauer Verlag in May 2024 in 
 conjunction with Program - 23.